Home and Garden Expo 2017 (Part 13)

Almost done with blogging for Home and Garden Expo.

A place to relax on my new Garden House…..

Simply Shelby
Wardrobe – pink
Hibiscus Vase -Pink
Chest of Drawers – pink
Rosette Wall Decor -multi
Herb Tool Box -pink
SLurl: Simply Shelby

Mesh India
MI Pillow Rug Decor for RFL H&G
SLurl: MI

Modern Urban Bench
SLurl: Raign

::cute as f*ck::
Grow Flower Pot Sign & Yard Sign – Don’t Worry Bee Happy
SLurl: cute as f*ck

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

A day with JC and items from W.O.W (World of Wood)

Hanging Chair (swing)
Country Office Desk & Chair
Office Dieffenbachia
~ Little Locker ~
Love Nest Commode
SLurl: W.O.W

While he need to finish some paperworks, i waited outside and relaxed a bit 🙂


Country Wine Closet
Country Bar Table & Chairs
Office Dieffenbachia

Finally, he is done with work and we got time for a drink, i just dont know what he is talking about right now…enough wine for now Dude LOL


Bookshelf & Swinging Bed (with animations and props)

So…this is the new interpretation of “Candlelight Dinner?” hehehehehe


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