Kryptonia’s Blog Post – Featuring: Zen Creations

Working till midnight!

Due to alot stuff need to be fix this week (SCALA Academy graduation show on April 23, 2017 / Answering and sending IM’s and NC’s regarding SCALA Yin/Yang Event, application deadline is on May 15) i declined some TP’s and Invitation for a dance and some events. I do apologize, i will try next week guys, thanks for invite tho.

I stayed on my skybox till some works are being done on this cosy furniture which is from Zen Creations and its called “Kaleidoscope”.

It contains all items you can see on pic (Cabinet, Paravent, Picture Frame, Lamps, Chair, Sofa). You can close and open the cabinet and turn on and off the lights.

It has PG Animations where you will receive an items like Tea, Saucer and the laptop. It has also an Adult Animations and a Resizer HUD.

It will be available this coming April 23, 2017


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