2017 – something scary or magic is going on!

I don’t know what’s going on….

I am turning 11 this coming March 17 in SL. I met alot people, worked with other, hanged out and also got some misunderstanding with some.

Some people ignore me, unfriend me  and do as if they didnt know nor met me, when i see them on events or somewhere on grid, which is kinda a bit sad, because i don’t know the reason nor what i did wrong to them, but i do accept their decisions.

What make me smile nowadays is…..I do got some IM that surprised me, people that i know long time ago, sent me message in world asking how i do, and some makes me smile to chat with them. They take a break from SL and coming back or just so 🙂

Anyway….2017 is kinda magical for me and i hope this continue not only this year. So if i haven’t talked to you all those years or if you got something to clear up with me (in case we had a misunderstanding), go ahead, send me IM…i will not ignore it…promise!



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