Kryptonia on Tour

On my early years in SL, i do mostly hang out with friends, doing silly and funny stuff and holding a spontaneous event/party in our sim. We also did alot activities like Skydiving, Swimming, Scuba Diving, Surfing, Car/Motorbike Racing and of course exploring those wonderful sim.

I almost forgot to do those thing all those years, for some reasons…
– some of my friends are gone
– i didnt have alot time to do it, due to RL and SL.

This week, i decided to do it again and hope to do it often in future. So if you think you need someone, just send me IM hehehehe and i will try to hang out with you.

Dancing for the first time after 10 years LOL..and yes i still got the groove baby 🙂

Sitting and enjoying the place, it was a peaceful and a wonderful sim. A nice place to relax.

Surfing and swimming (at last, i can use again my swimmer that i boxed already long time ago LOL.)

I think, i will check those venue being listed on Destination Guide. Maybe you got some SLurl/LM for me to explore, if you want to share it with me, go ahead.

Till my next adventure…..


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