Yeah…10th Rezzday :)

Time flies so fast..It starts with “OKAY i will register and log in and check if its something for me” and it’s now 10 years since i joined Second Life.


10 Years…
– Full of Fun
– Good and Bad memories
– Happy and sad moments
– met nice and weird people 🙂
– learned and experienced alot
– and more

I wanna thank this 3 important persons in my RL and SL which i met since my first day in SL and wishing them HAPPY 10th Rezzday too.

this 2 guys helped and teached me on building (with prims) and understand how script works in SL, they gave me alot tips and tricks.
Albert Plasma – VPC HUD Creator
Mango Splash – Strut It Model HUD

Claire Hardford
– my lovely mate, who showed me and  teached me how those programm works that i am now using in SL. and meeting her in RL was awesome and hope we will meet again 🙂

People that i wanna say thank you too:
– Seashell Dench for trusting and working with me
– SCALA Team
– All trainees that i tortured in the past and i am torturing in future 🙂
– those who worked, hanged out and did funny stuff with me
– People that i met and shared happy and bad moments but sadly some are gone already.

SPECIAL thanks to all :
– who backstabbed me
– betrayed me
– those who showed me don’t trust SL people
– those who are trying to put me down
– those who are spreading bad things about me
– those who like and hate me
– those who dont know me and didnt meet me yet
– and and and…..

I could write a long post but i decided to summarize 🙂
Hope to enjoy SL still in the next 10 years !


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