STRUT IT – Modeling HUD

STRUT IT – Modeling HUD
Easy to use with different options in one gadget for your modeling need. Already been sold alot and tested since 2010 – 2011 .


– Set Button:
This  HUD can set up till SET 6.  If you have 6 Outfits, just set up each Outfit per Set Button and the HUD gonna save it automatically.

You choose your Poses and Animations via MENU. No notecard configuration needed.

– Walk Animation:
You can also put your Walk Animations in this HUD and set it up 1 walk per set

 – ADDITIONAL: Default Pose button

How to set up?

Easy….really :)
Just click, choose and voila ur set :)

Sample: 1x Walk, 1 Default Pose and 10x Poses per Set

Where can i buy it and how much would it cost?

You can buy it in HSPL @ Afton for only 200L (MOD/COPY/NO TRANS)


We cant guaranteed that it works smooth on a overcrowded place, but this HUD was tested in lag (with over 50 people on sim) and it passed the test.

For any questions or assistance need, contact the following:
STRUT IT CREATOR || Mango Splash
STRUT IT CO – CREATOR || Kryptonia Paperdoll


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