London – Day 1 – August 20, 2013

Day we are traveling to London for the first time. Woke up earlier and kinda bit excited/nervous and hoping all goes well.

Arrived in the Airport almost 1 hour before our flight. Checked in and waiting, we got the feeling that the clock doesnt move at all. Suddenly i noticed that my blazer was gone. HOLY SHIT!!!!!

Anyway…i tried to forget that thing, although it hurts me so bad cuz it was new amd not cheap tho 😦

Arrived in london, walking on an endless corridor and we wonder when will end lol. Pick up baggage (phew all complete). Found out the ticket office to claim our oyster card, another waiting session 😉

We rode a tube (picadilly line and victoria line), that train let you headbang while sitting, hehehe. Then change to bus without knowing where to stop lol. But hey we made it..arrived to our guest family where we rent room.

We refreshed and go to the city. We look for some typical london food and we end wit fish n chips, we paid £ 5.95 each, hmmm its kinda bit expensive if we convert it to € means 8€. Fish was ok but we didnt like the chips. We were hungry so ate half of it.


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