Buch auf Reisen / Book on Tour

As i was in the city yesterday for some shopping with a teenager ROFL, we found a book near a church on one of the shop window but outside. So we thought someone forgot it or lost it. We are very curious cuz of that yellow tag/sticker on front of that book and we started to read it and found it so interresting.

It’s called Buch auf  Reisen in english translated to “Book on Tour or should i say TRAVELLING BOOK? lol” .  Each book are registered on a website and have a unique Book Crossing ID.

This Book Crossing ID allows you to follow a specific book wherever it goes. As a passport enabling your book to travel the world without getting lost!

You are free to take it, read it, give it away and release it again by putting it on location you want, they suggest in the city or spot with a busy crowd.

Although i got Kindle Apps on my Galaxy Tab, i still have and love to read normal books and i found this really cool. I think i’m gonna let my old books too to travel the world 🙂

Here’s what we found yesterday (of course we tracked it already and it seems its a new one and the owner got an awesome statistic with over 10K books on tour)

Buch Auf Reise
For more info:

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