FOODIE PENPAL – September 2012

Like i said on my last post….i joined the Foodie Penpal, i was too excited whom im gonna send my foodie box and whom gonna send me one 🙂

This is what i sent to my first ever Foodie Penpal Jen

Spätzle – this one is from organic shop and it has no egg. Normally i do cook it self but i cant send mines this time lol

Cookies – Also from organic shop . this cookies is with Oat Flakes

Ritter Sport Chocolate – Is one of well known chocolate brand in Germany, which is from South west (around 25 mins. from us)

Kinder Überraschung – Surprised Egg
This egg is made of chocolate with surprise gift inside and this edition is FOR GIRLS only 🙂

Postcard – This postcard is from our City where we live

I’m glad she liked it….i am still waiting for my foodie box, i am excited and curious what will i get 🙂


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