KP on Moolto

For about 2 or 3 months someone sent me invite to joined MOOLTO Social Network for Avatars and Community Store and alot SL residents are already member.

Last week, one of Moolto Staff sent me an email asking if i want to join the photo contest, its not a voting or and other contest, its for fun and to show you pictures.

So i said hmm why not, and enter my Cyborg Pic (the one i made for fun too and i know it isnt professional enuff like other professionl photographer and PS/Gimp/Photo processing talented people out there) but still i like it LOL

Few days later, i visited the site again and saw errrrr hmmm what i won that theme contest? Hmm ok how come and what and why, anyway i was happy as i saw it, yes theres no prize to be given but my pic was liked from other people is also a prize for me 🙂

Today March 30, 2010 Maxes Loon send me a message in world saying Congratulations you are our 1st Monthly Winner on Moolto Photo/Video Contest….i was errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ok im confuse what the hell is going on LOL

Here’s the original Message on MOOLTO from Maxes:

Hi all Moolto photographers! It has been great to see all the action, friendship and encouragement going on in this group! The first month of the Moolto photo contest has been a huge success and has worked well. We have had real talent showcasing their work here.

As previously announced the contest is now going to change slightly and as from now we will be creating a new theme EVERY WEEK to keep the contest fresh and exciting for everyone so make sure you check the group often to see the new themes!

About rule number 2 of our contest: ‘1 entry per month of the 4 previously chosen will be selected to appear for 1 week on the HOME PAGE.

One month is gone so our selection for the month is: Miss Kryptonia Paperdoll with the photo ‘Cyborg’

Congratulation Kryptonia!!

Seems alot people click my pic to see it on full size or whatever heheeheh, i got alot hits and won the PIC OF THE MONTH woohooooooooo, encourage me to take more pic again  LOL

Anyway…. Thanks all those who clicked my pic to get alot hits *giggles* and also to MOOLTO

If you want to visit the site here is the URL and of course my pic lol


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