Demolition Crew

The Day with the Demolition Crew…..

Day 1:
Actually it wasnt on my plan, it started as i am trying to fix my stuff (notecards writing, IM replying, cleaning inventory) while i am hearing mp3 i play my new dance animations, then as i click 1 dance and chorus playing i saw that it fits right on time, so i decided to continue and choreo for KESHA – TIKTOK was born.

Day 2:
I slept only 5 hours, totally tired and got headache, login in SL and work again on choreo with some changes and other dances.

Waiting for Mango to try it out and what he think…..

Day 3:
I ask mango to drop me again a his Dance Hud which we use last time on Poker Face Video. Putting dances on Hud and clicking numbers while hearing music..and so on…till time to work in RL and continue again after work.

I asked my inSLomiac aussie butt mate Claire *run fast* for some tricks and sumthin new programm which is easy to use than what i got atm and she helped me fix it and work on it (THANKS MATE HUGS).

Day 4:

Telling Vera and Laurel about the news LOL and asked them if they want to join me on the video. After few IM and ideas come, we tried it out first as 3 persons, then 4, then 5 and goes.

Outfits ideas was Casual or Streetwear, we discuss and comes to the final outfits. Video Shooting was scheduled with voting from the majority which date is better for all due to diff. time zone

Day 5:
Mango and I explore some spot in SL for video location but either script arent allowed or spot is too laggy, so we decided to do it in out sim.

I rezzed some prims, props, textures and bought some items in Xstreet till we got this backdrops finally.

Day 6:
Dance Animations Creator asked me to trade all my animations for a updated one cuz there was some technical problem or sorta like that, and i was on ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh waaaaaaaaa nooooooooooooo shittttt lol

After few hours waiting, i got my updated dances, as i drop it on my Dance Hud and try it out, all numbers arent same anymore on my notes, so what now? hmmmmm shit redo and click click numbers again waaaaaaa, and its kinda bit fast the new dances.


Between those days i work still and fix my RL so no worries that i stuck on my whole 1 week on that thing 🙂 but hey i got fun and as long i got it and got mood to finish, ill do it.

Day 7:
Stress….stress……no time for this projects…so a bit break

Day 8:

After my RL work which i was too tired and some schedules i got, we meet us today Feb. 6 @ 1PM SLT

We took some group pics first with using their own pose, after some lag, some wrong buttons, some wrong set up, and shoot 3x i finally got one with i can work with.

While i am editing this video, vera send me pics on skype and look at it and we start to discuss and redo, laugh and bug the whole Demolition Crew and let them vote lol

Here’s the 2 pics we got:
This is Vera’s pic which who won on voting…BLEHHHH ROFL

and this is mine who didnt won on voting , blehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh LOL

it can happen that im gonna redo the video and improve it and got other link which of course im gonna let you know the new LINK *giggles*


are you ready? then hit PLAY button and have fun watching…

If you want to leave comments or wanna watch it on a bigger view click this link:

Demolition Crew Video


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