GOD have a grand opening!

Yes you heard it right, GOD 2 (Garden of dreams 2) is opening its gates this saturday Oct. 24, 2009

The Legend goes on……

Kayle Matzerath has created a masterpiece on this two Sims.

Garden of dreams 1 opened over a year ago and is so successfull and popular that they decided to make another awesome sim.

Garden of dreams 2 is now docked on and will be open to the public with a kicking off  Sim opening party.

Imagine a romantic garden:

– Waterways lead through it,  which can be explored by a cosy paddleboat-tour.

– A balloon-tour let you explore the cuddly spots, which are located all over the sim.

– Explore the hidden caves and hold your breath in a mystical purple forrest,  where you feel like being in a fairy tale.

– Garden of dreams 2 offers a rentable  wedding venue for those romantic hearts, that have found each other in Garden of dreams

– Heartbeatz: New ballroom for people, who wants to listen into classic lovesongs, swing, jazz and  lounge music. A new very stylish meeting point for Second life. But attention:  Formal attire required if you want to dance at this new club.

The sim is definitly worth a visit!!!!!


You are cordially invited to a big sim opening party this coming saturday the 24th of October.

Start @ 1pm GTM (22 Uhr German time)

With alot of give aways to celebrate with you.

– 20000 Lindens will be raffled and also prizes from GOD-Shop worth 20k L too.


As live  Dj’s will be Kristina Simon, co-owner of Garden of dreams & popular DJane of “UNSER CLUB”.  She will give a taste of the awesome music the live djs in Heartbeatz will play: Expect romantic songs, slowdancemusic, jazzy swing and of course  she takes your requests for this style of music!

So cancel all your dates for saturday: Here is your new one:

Garden of dreams 2: We bring some love in your second life!


G.O.D Video on Youtube

Curious? Watch the video to see how awesome it is……believe me i visited it already and i was impressed!!


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