Fashion Doll – New Release & Vanity Universe

Yes, i was a bit quiet lately and didnt got time to write sumthin on my blog. RL Job overtime whole September took all my time and also some project in SL.

I finish some stuff to filled up my booth on Vanity Universe Expo.

Fashion Doll – Capricciosa

A combination of a Vest, Capri Pants with Sculpted Prims on Legs and a White Shirt.

For only 50L


Fashion Doll – Precious Gown

A Beaded Silk flexi and scripted skirt with Corsett strapless Blouse

For only 100L


Fashion Doll – Black Majesty

A combination of strapless blouse in a chinese gold and black textures and flexi skirt with Heart Buckles Belt.

For only 50L


Fashion Doll – Mint Julep – 100L (50% goes to CARE)

This is my share for the Vanity Universe – Care International Fund Raiser

A silk-flowers design on a flexi skirt(resizer script) and corsett blouse


Available in my Main Store in HSPL @ Afton or in Vanity Universe Expo

SLURL: Fashion Doll


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