What a crazy days….

June 25…. what this day really is?

As i heard and read on news (SL group chat and RL TV and Online Newspaper) that Farrah Fawcett died. When i was a kid i watch Charlie’s Angels once in a while with my sissy and my mom. She is a good looking women specially i love her curly hairs. Then few hours later there was a group chat gossip again coming that Michael Jackson died. I said WTF……whats going on….so i search on web some info and watch RL tv again, but some english news (yes due to satellite stuff i got i can watch some non german tv station) didnt confirmed it yet (that was 00:26 midnite my time).

Today i woke up and turn on TV…the whole TV channel is reporting about his dead and its confirmed..what a shocking news. I grow up with his music and i know we do all hear also his music. I cannot say if im fan or not but i do hear music.
June 26……as i turn on my computer and read blog i read on SCD post that Second life will be banned in Australia…..waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa it cant be…..i cant believe it. What would be happen with my Aussie Mate…..

What a crazy days……


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