Non Fashion/SL Related Post

This is not about any fashion related post but i wanna write sumthin about this.

I have a 1 year old cat, her name is Schmusi. She love to jump and sleep on my keyboard, watch mouse how i move it and she do that always when i am online or doing any on my com, specially if she want sumthin and i dont move my butt ROFL

This is a onld pic, i got a new monitor now but she still sleep on my keyboard. If you are chatting with me and suddenly ull get this as answer sdglh<lh<shsühkszkszmgmgmgndhevcbvbnu<ezquefg+gl that means my schmusi strike again *grins*


Schmusi got 3 cute kittens since April 26, 2009. They are also my RL Freebies, alot kids come to my house and want my kittens. All are already adopted.

Arent they cute?




Frechdachs  is the most active and rascal from all 3, as u can see on above pic



Meet Roby, he loves to fight and play stuff that he saw on house or in garden.



This is Coco, he is cute, fast and sadly he died last June 2, 2009. Yesterday was a sad day for me, it was happen so fast and i cant give any1 fault,  it was an accident, i try to save him but i didnt got a chance, it was too late.  I cant talk about it again, the more i talk whats happen the more makes me sad.


Like i said it isnt any fashion blog or SL related but i wanna post sumthin to show my kittens…..


2 thoughts on “Non Fashion/SL Related Post

  1. Good Lord!!! I love kittens Krypt!!! Yours are soooo cute!!
    Well, mine is a little like… Garfield lol

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