Lady Gaga – Poker Face

After spending 2 days fixing this video and already confuse what am i doing wrong, i finally made it (with alot reshoot *grins*)

First….i took video but i cant stream music and hear same time on winamp….it doubles the music and makes a laggy echo.

After i convince Mango to stream the music, we finally started capturing one (takes alot patient too till it works). As im opening it on my HD i cant hear any song on it…next problems comes…i try to fix with putting the music instead but it didnt synch the whole dance.

Thinking again…what did i do wrong….what did i set up….why it wont works….redo again and try all set up….1 day later….same shit going on..till i bug Albert about it..but after 30 mins he go home and i left here with my problems.

so what should i do…hmmm..scratch head…..think….click click…and set up…all buttons… click click…..logging in SL…stream music…take video and finally tadaaaa yuhuuuuu works….wth…..LOL

I know i know theres alot professionl machinima creator out there, i have a lot of fun creating this choreography…

BTW…we won 3rd on Dance contest (although some saying we deserve more, even 1 jury said it too, but its ok i dont take it seriously anyway and oh dont ask me what we won…organizer said we won sumthin and it will be drop soon but 1 month later we didnt received any neither didnt know what we won (NO OFFENSE… just wondering)

Anyway….like i said its not professional one and i think i mess up a bit the music…but hey we have a lot of fun after retaking several times and dancing on synch with music and animation 🙂

I hope you like it tho!!

If u like my video and wanna rate it pls do visit:

Dont mind my dance hud on screen 🙂 i am using it for anim synch on music. It was made by Mango Splash last April but he didnt set it up for sale atm.


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