Speed Shopping 2009 – Teams/Sponsors List

Thanks to all Sponsors for all fabulous and awesome prizes such as:

Three  Naive GiftCards worth 500L each

Eight  Fashion Nomad Outfits worth 100-400L each

Two BodyBehaviour AO – Completed AO

Two Bare Essentials – Professional Profile pic  worth 400L Each

Two complete Outfits from SMS worth between 150-200L Each

Four Filigreemotion Giftcards worth 250L each

Three LVS Giftcards  worth between 200-500L each

Four NUSHRU Vouchers worth 250L each

Four Gos Watches worth 495L each

One wonderfull Lady Thera’s DolceLucce – William Thure worth 950L

Three Medieval Outfit  complete with Shoes from Madison Windthorpe worth 1,000 Each

Two SB Designs – Piercing

Two Sher’s Cottage Garden  Umbrella

Female Shapes from Extreme

Four Giftbag from Clover worth 500L each

One Lingerie and one Giftcard from PND (Passionate Neko Dreams) worth 250L each


and now let me introduce our cute and creative team!!

O.o STUFF!! o.O
Nekki Lovenkraft
Haylie Hermit

Dashing Dollies
Chirzaka Vlodovic
Sweetsmiling Merlin

.::N.A.H. Racers::.
Haakon Schumann
Natasja Schumann

Beep Beep The Road Runners
BridgetMarlane McDonnell
Katime Vacano

EmmZ Tzara
Draven Odriscoll

Compulsive Shoppers

Tempest Rosca
Kendall Larnia

Dyno Sprites
LilWitch Allen
Victoria Jacques

Two babes and a cart

Aeoliana Hax
Sabine Mortenwold

Silly Sissy’s

Victoria Lustre
Alesha Destiny

Crazy Dutchies
Delinda Dench
Temperance Moonites

kitten racing team

Anna Zwiers
Schnaeppchen Wahrhaftig

humboldt highspeeders

Lauren Mureaux
Jimmy Rosenthal

Fart Bullets!

Meabh Quintessa
Kyrie Luik


Salvo Waydelich
Sharon Schumann

Two Peas in Pod
Fidella Faulds
Milani Tedeschi


Amber Quinzet
Lacy Muircastle

Look Elite Models

Laura18 Streeter
Krystanna Wycliffe

SL Enquirer will be there live to cover story of this funny, wacky race.

Come and join us and cheer up our fantastic Teams on May 8, 2009 @ 1PM SLT at  LVS Drive and Sher’s Cottage Garden.


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