World Builder

A strange man uses holographic tools to build a world for the woman he loves.

This is a short movie made by filmmaker Bruce Branit

Viewed in youtube for over 1.2 Million with more then 7,400 Ratings

Thanks to Woodstock (i forgot the surname) for posting the URL in Instructor Group, this is a nice and awesome video, isnt it?


3 thoughts on “World Builder

  1. zomg what a beautiful and touching story. superbly written and filmed…something that Second Lifers will only truly understand. *sniffles* lol tugs at the heartstrings 😛 thanks for sharing it dear xoxox

  2. ohmygod…this was such an amazing and beautiful short film:) so touching, and the flower in the glass at the end was just so lovely…I had previously only seen “405” from Bruce Branit and was surprised to discover this movie, thank you for that Kryptonia *hugs and no toink this time:))

    and yes, watching the world being built was delightful in comparison with SL:)

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