Short Break

After those hectic days in RL and SL, i ask vera to make a spontaneous tour with me with this amazing Vespa/Roller/Scooter.

To do a spontaneous tour isnt easy btw in SL…

First u need to find location, and if you find one they are mostly NO REZ .

Second as soon you found one you dont know what to wear and where to take a shot LOL

Anyway we got fun, although it was already late and actually BED TIME 🙂

After trying and tping on several spot we land on a non really beach location but hey it has REZ mode LOL. while vera is changing her outfit i sit on my vespa and suddenly i keep moving back and hit vera, heheheeh then although i dont move, my vespa keep moving and brought me under water blubbbbbbb 🙂 i try to drive back but vespa died *grins*

after 2 minutes hurrayyyyy, vera is ready for a shooting, we drive on sim, then on path which we took a pic.

After this nice picture taking…i jump on vera’s roller and let vera drive. She drove all over, and try to go up on a bit higher level, but this sim got a sorta like a quicksand that makes us sunk.

Vera: LOL, i think ur heavy krypt
Kryptonia: damn i need a diet then 🙂

few minutes trying……

Vera: LOL we are stuck, NO GAS
Kryptonia: LOL, should i stand up and push u? *grins*

Suddenly we roll all over the spot (with vespa of course LOL) but VERA got control of her Vespa and brought it again on normal position yayyyyyyy.

Vera tried….and tried…to climb bit higher but no chance, vespa keeps rolling a backwards, so i decided to change sit position, maybe it helps to balance 🙂


Well…how it ends? Vera’s Vespa sunk and vera crash LOL…so we said..we gonna find a better spot next time 🙂

It was fun..we enjoy and have a good laugh!


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