STRUT IT – Modeling HUD

Another awesome HUD made from HSPL (Hot Silly Peppers Lab) Member.

STRUT IT – Modeling HUD

Easy to use with different options in one gadget for your modeling need.


What Option/Extras does it have?

Set Button:
This is one nice option on this HUD where you can set up till SET 6.

If you have 6 Outfits you just set up each Outfit per Set Button and HUD gonna save it automatically.

You choose your Poses and Animations via MENU. No notecard configuration needed.
Sample: 1x Walk and 10x Poses per Set

Walk Animation:

You can put till 3 Walk Animations in this HUD

How to set up?
Easy….really 🙂
Just click, choose and voila ur set 🙂

Where can i buy it and how much would it cost?

You can buy it in HSPL @ Afton for only 200L (MOD/COPY/NO TRANS)



We cant guaranteed that it works smooth on a overcrowded place, but this HUD was tested in lag (50 people on sim) and it passed the test, thanks Emmz for being guinea pig.

For any questions or assistance needed, contact the following:
Mango Splash – Creator
Kryptonia Paperdoll – Co-creator


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