Today is my 3rd REZDAY in SL……

….A world full of Drama

….Full of Divas

….alot of lags

….alot people who pissed me off once in a while

….and all other shit

But theres still other stuff and other people in SL which are the reason why i am still in SL and enjoying each day and hours i spend.

In the entire 3 Years in SL, i learned alot, i meet alot of diff. people with diff. attitude. I was happy to meet some of people who i can really called FRIENDS….specially i am happy to meet and be a part of HSPL (Hot Silly Peppers Lab) Group.
HSPL Member are:
**Albert Plasma**
He was the one who convinced me whole 2 weeks till i join SL.

He is a an awesome scripter.

BTW he is also my RL Boss 🙂

**Mango Splash**

He is my all around dude, my guinea pig, my best and awesome building instructor.

He got lots of tricks all around building and saving prims.

He is always there for me, no matter what (eventhough i think i bug him alot)

**Claire Harford**

My aussie butt inSLomiac queen and multi-talented babe

The one who give me inspiration to create stuff

The one who help me to fix thing specially on PS when i am trying to fix some skins, clothes and texture.

The one who use me as her GUINEA PIG forever LOL

….and of course me as the 4th member of HSPL

There’s alot words i can write for them  but they know also what and they know how i really adore and love them not only in SL but also in RL. I am really thankful to meet them from the start which i dont regret.

I wanna thanks also alot of people who know me and people who recognize and appreciate what i did.

I got lots of friends and relatives  in RL and SL who are now Breast Cancer Survivor and i am supporting RFL since 2006.

If u are also incline pls. support RFL, each penny, each lindens you gonna donate is a big help.

Theres alot shop who set up some donation kiosk, vendor and some events for a fundraising.

Theres also 2 Donation Kiosk in my Shop, just in case u drop by dont forget to donate. I am thinking of what to set up as vendor kiosk too (more info on my next blog, and hope to create stuff ny next week for RFL)


HAVE NICE DAY ALL……say HELLO if u meet or see me sumwhere, sumday…


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