VPC – Virtual Private Chat

There is a new HUD on GRID specially useful for all Fashion Show, Art Groups, Events, Performing Groups and any other events.

If you notice lots of Agency/Group are using now a communicator instead of bugging a group chat.

But you notice also that there’s a disadvantage of using that communicator.

1. All people who attached it on sim during the event can read all what  your group are talking backstage, those cue, hectic and so on.

2. If there’s a show with diff. agency or diff. group and all are using communicator there is a PARTY LINE Effect.

3. Some people attached it extra to hear all chat, i dont know if its because of their curiosity or just having fun listening.

After all that i decided to do something similar but much improved and with other option. I ask my RL/SL Best Friend who is one of the best scripter in SL and also Programmer in RL, if he can improve that communicator and make it safer from other who arent involve on Show.

and here’s the result!

We called it VPC

** What is VPC? **
VPC (Virtual private Chat) offers a secret communication channel between staff and crew in SL events.

All the chat in this channel is encrypted, and can only be decrypted with the correct password.

Someone listening on same VPC but without the right channel or having the wrong password will receive only unreadable text.

The communication works within a region.

** What’s the different between VPC and other communicator? **

VPC is easy to use and have some options.

1. You can define your own channel command between 1 and 65535, which i dont think you gonna use all those numbers. One or two digits command code would work.

2.  Even if they hacked your command channel code they cant still read all those message if they dont have the password you created and distributed.

You define your own password for a certain event and only those Models and Staff have that access.

That means everytime you have event, you create a new password for all people involve.

** Where can i buy it?  & How much would it cost? **

You can purchase VPC in HSPL @ Afton:


or in XstreetSL:

It cost only 200L (MOD/COPY/NO TRANSFER)

and its worth it having this new Communicator.

** About the Creator **

Albert Plasma joined SL on spring 2006. He started with scripting and still doing it till now.

He is an experienced Instructor too, which he already teached lots of classes. Some of his famous classes are Digital and Analog Clock Class which he created special script for this.

** Contact Person **
For any Info or question pls contact:
Kryptonia Paperdoll
Albert Plasma

If we arent online drop us a notecard or offline message and we answer as soon as we can.



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