If u havent read Part 1…..go scroll and read it LOL

As i announce on my first post there will be a continuation of my XMAS PLAN and guess what here it is 🙂


After i created a gang to catch SANTA better and planned it all over the year. I wanna show u now how i really tried to catch him and get my xmas gift 🙂

On Xmas Eve i saw his sleigh on neighbours house, so i sneak and jump on his sleigh and drove it as fast as i can. I drove and drove and drove….due to lots of traffic on air and fogs comes and go, i crashed and damage his sleigh.

….. so i decided to make it bit nice next time

My Dude Black and I was on chilling on garden and talking about some nice plan for Santa….we saw a sleigh passing by and then suddenly it crashed on pond. We stand up and ran too fast…..

I said, dude you save  SANTA

and im gonna save the gift 🙂

….then he saw me and said HEY UR THAT GIRL WHO CRASHED MY SLEIGH LAST TIME…U wont get any GIFT from me!

waaaaaaaa i  save ur gift isnt it  good?
……so i decided to continue my plan against santa

……after not seeing almost 2 months and missed 2x date… of my fiance’s employee (MR. GREEN) dropped me 2 Greenies Santa AVI. Hmmm is it a sign?

I said yayyyyy this avi come on the right time. I can do anything to santa and he wont recognize me.

My other dude Mango and I was on exploring some sim as we suddenly saw santa parking on front of toys shop.

I whisper, its  time to continue my plan….we jump quick on rudolph’s and declared WE ARE KIDNAPPING SANTA HO HO HO HO !!!!!! 


OH BTW…you can have this Greenies  Santa Avi in rezzable for 300L!

If u havent get any xmas gift it is not my fault….We let santa free again after he gave me my Xmas Gift 🙂 HOOOOO YAYYYY AT LAST 🙂

to be continued…..


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