Symphony Skins – Release

Claire Harford my lovely mate and creator of Symphony Skins announce today for a release of her new Skins. I know her since 2 years when we are newbie and i know how HARD WORKER and PERFECTIONIST she is.

Her skins got diff. tones, diff options like muff, waxed, it comes with basic prim lashes, gloves and socks for nail polish and of course lots and lots of make up to choose…yayyyyyy

*Original Notes from Claire Harford*

Symphony Skins is pleased to announce the launch of the new line…
*SS* No.2- The Tempo Series.

Six new skin tones, eighteen new faces, making for a total of 108 brand spanking new skins.

Single skins are priced at 525L, fat packs (3 skins to a set) are priced at 1500L.

Of course, no launch should go without a “thank you” gift, for those of you who take the time drop by. You’ll find the freebie behind the giant makeup in the main lobby (giant… makeup… don’t ask!). “Prelude” only comes in Allegro, and will never be for sale, so come grab it now before it’s gone forever. (It will remain a freebie for the month of September… after that, I make no promises *hehe*).

I got the whole collection yayyyyy….

Symphony Skins Freebies until end of September 2008 – *SS* Prelude – Allegro

FOR MORE INFO and for more pics visit her blog at:



One thought on “Symphony Skins – Release

  1. This is a very good price, Krypto! I’ll see try the demos.

    Kiss…oH I have been to the graduation but couldn’t take pics – or better sayuing – I did take some but they didn’t turn out to be great.

    Great show.

    Congratz to you, Rusch and all the girls!

    I know how much work one has to do to make a successfull show.

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