Kryptonia vs. Mr. Green….is it the end?

If you read Mr. Green blog ( ) post today pls. hear my story too….and i hope it is not the end of our relationship. If you notice its on Vint’s rezzable blog, cuz she is Mr. Green’s Assistant, Secretary whatever eheheheh

I got a photoshooting yesterday and it last almost 3 hours.

My photographer is looking fo a location and didnt got luck to find one, so i suggest to vist Mr. Green lovely sims.

As we tp to Cannery, she said OMG i love this place, its lovely and cool spot. So we took several shot in Cannery where all container cargo spot are. Then we go out on street and try to take some on a car, suddenly Mr. Green pop up and i was surprised, it was the first time that he visited me while im at work. He said “Hey Ms. Kryptonia, my love” so i answer hey sweetie and introduce him to my photographer. Then he said ok im gonna leave u again and let u work, i just wanna say HELLO! Oh….ur so sweet Mr. Green.

Oh before i forgot, he said, you gonna come later after your work on Skaterpark? I said yes hon, as soon im done i come and join you ok? but i cant come earlier as i expected. As soon im done i change clothes, hairs, shoes (all in green) to show him my Love, but it was 5 mins left from event 😦

Here’s the chatlog:

[14:54]  You: sorry verde….just finish photo shooting 😦
[14:55]  Verde Raymaker: hmm yes miss, you do know, we can’t merry if you always ignore me! :d
[14:55]  Verde Raymaker: marry even :d
[14:55]  You: aweeee
[14:55]  Verde Raymaker: that’s not a good start for our relationship!
[14:55]  You: u know job comes first before fun, my love 😉
[14:55]  Verde Raymaker: hmmm that’s not always true!
[14:55]  Verde Raymaker: i thought, i was more important to you
[14:55]  You: u are….but ull see im here eh?
[14:56]  Verde Raymaker: that’s true
[14:56]  Verde Raymaker: in the end you came
[14:56]  You: 🙂
[14:56]  Verde Raymaker: i’ll forgive you this time! =)
[14:56]  You:    \o/
[14:56]  You:      ||   Yay!
[14:56]  You:     / \
[14:56]  Verde Raymaker: Five minutes of the event left!
[14:56]  You: 🙂
[14:56]  Verde Raymaker: héhé, you do need to dance for us then, miss kryptonia
[14:57]  You: fixing my skate lol
[15:15]  Verde Raymaker: as long as kryptonia likes me, i’m happy
[15:15]  You: i do love 🙂
[15:15]  You: no matter what 🙂
[15:15]  Verde Raymaker: and i’m sure she likes me for whom i am, not because for how i look or bcauze i’m the sales avie!
[15:15]  You: Hoooo!
[15:15]  Verde Raymaker: or so i hope
[15:16]  You: heyy no matter what….i will always love u ROFL

As you can read on chatlog all was ok…..or he’s making a DRAMA? *grins*

Then suddenly i notice i got other skates on not the lovely, cool and official Greenies Skates in Green-Pink color (available in Greenies Home Shopping Mall), hmm so i ask him why i didnt got it? and can u show me how it works and convince me to buy one?  So he explain how it works with that arrow, key blah blah 🙂

Anyway why i cry on his blog pic? cuz sum1 whisper me that she got her skate for free, so i said heyyyyyyy why she got one and i dont? So i do my tantrum gesture till he drop me one ROFL and yes i told u it works heehehehehe at the end he drop me one and i really love this Greenies Skate with full mod option so u can change color, with a cool tricks, hud and animations.

I change my skates color to Black/Dark Green/Gray option, original colors are PINK/GREEN 




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