Drama? I dont have one…..

OK i wanna tell u how this all story goes. I rewrite my first post cuz it was 2.30 AM my time and got already a low battery on my brain.

Some of you might think hmm why she do a big drama about it, its only a notecard and text and not a normal content theft? Yes ur right its only notecard and text but its still a theft.

Story comes yesterday as i login in SL after not being ON whole day. I am tired already from 2x RL work and 1X Family Party.

One of my friend and old trainee send me IM asking if SL MODELS ACADEMY is same as AVENUE MODELS ACADEMY. I was confuse and say NOPE and never heard about it. She say its strange cuz it same as your notecard and the name of whom to pay the Fee is same too.

So i ask her for a copy of notecard so i can look at it. As she drop me notecard and saw it, this is really mines, the only thing she change was ACADEMY NAME as header, title of notecard, name of Head Instructor and Fee and all other is same even the Stars on Academy Name. As i check properties i saw my name as Creator.

I inform Rusch (Avenue Models CEO) and ask whats going on, she was shocked and totally pissed off too like me so we both stay on IM till we fall down from sleep.

I inform Runwaykidz and Runway Magazine telling them its nothing to do with us. I send info to some friends and some of them said that pic on her blog is not her it can be Wyntir.

You can read blog post and more info here:




Well…..I am that one who hate drama and dont need more drama.  I’m informing people only!!



One thought on “Drama? I dont have one…..

  1. Sweetie, you didn’t cause drama, you sent out information which may save some unsuspecting people from falling into a poorly executed scam and also alerted others that they’re info/pics were being used without permission. Don’t sweat it. This kind of scam needs to be exposed.

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