KP’s Holiday

Ahhhh yes i got time again to relax after hectic and rough week, working 2x shift in RL everyday till saturday and then lots of appointment in SL.

Today i decided to test Mr. Green’s Stratos Car as one of his Engagement Gift.
(read here the full story about his proposal )

So i go to Mooz Public Racetrack and try my best to manage this car, its  a cool one with a nice HUD, nice skidz, sounds and smoke effect.

after that awesome race with other people i met on racetrack i go a bit relaxing on the beach in Las Arenas. An awesome new tropical island, wonderful waves and water effect, nice Tropical Palm Trees and yayyyyyy i can use my swim ao again after long time…..

relaxing and thinking of Mr. Green…….WISH U WERE HERE !!!


One thought on “KP’s Holiday

  1. I miss you too, my Love. And I’m so glad someone told me about your blog. I hope you don’t feel like I’m spying into your life now, but it is nice to know what you are doing when not with me. Glad to see no other male aliens in your photographs!

    With green love,
    Mr Green

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