KP on Second Space Contest

Well long time no post on my blog….i was too busy RL and SL….

Actually i forgot that i am on a Shadow Box Contest from Second Space. One day before judging start i tp to my booth and start to build and decorate, i didnt got plan and honestly got no idea what should i put on my empty booth.

I didnt won, but its ok i was happy to build, decorate and think again stuff after long time i didnt have a chance to make it due to schedule. THANKS TO MANGO SPLASH for helping me to fix stuff *hugs*

So here’s my entry a combi of MODERN & ASIAN STYLE:

Fountain got a Splashing Water and Mist effect.
Fireplace that looks like iPOD lol got fire and fire sounds
Asian Table and Chair (Mango and I design it)

I asked mango to help me to make the Sushi Tray and Green Tea, so we finish 10 mins b4 official contest judging LOL.


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