Pimping Friends

These 2 guys are my very best Dude in RL and SL, friends who always support me, teach me lots of tricks, best scripter, builder, instructor and much more…ok lets make it short “MY BEST BUDDIES EVER IN MY ENTIRE SECOND LIFE” 

We meet us long time ago, it was March 2006 on my very first day in SL. We are neighbour in Afton and yes we are still there and occupied 1/4 of sim soon ROFL. I always wanted them to pimped but no chance, either they dont like the Hairs or the skins or whatever, just what MEN are *grins and run fast*, ok i better behave since they are the main owner and main tier payer in our spot 🙂

After 2 1/2 years keep on trying and convincing them, i finally succeed LOL …YAYYYY Albert and Mango you guys are officially PIMPED heheheehe!

Have a look and see the difference:

Albert Plasma

Mango Splash



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