Free Joker Costume

So you heard already about the new Batman 2008 Movie right?

Lacy217 Mcluhan is a dedicated designer and enjoys custom work and maintains the Scotland sims in the integrity of a Scottich atmosphere from a pub to shops to regular concerts. She is giving away this LEDGER JOKER Costume for free.

Why she’s giving it away after working on it almost 8 hours? Read this (original message, where u can find this too on vendor content.

This dress is stolen by Antonio Heaney. You’re getting it at the rock bottom price of “free”  because the SL community at large and Linden Lab doesn’t give a crap about the work that goes into content here in this virtual space. 

This outfit was ordered custom made for 3000L   of Keith Ledger   The Joker..

Antonio Heaney was in my workshop when i was preparing the  box and clicking on a bunch of items.  He clicked on this box before i set it at the proper price and paid  10L and quickly disappeared  and will not pay the proper amount. 

As designers we put hard work into our custom outits making custom textures and prim parts.

I feel others should know that there are people who do things like this and then wonder why we don’t want to design things for others any more.

Lacy217 Mcluhan

You can get it here:
Scotland Welcome Center


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