KP’s Love Affair

Ok some of you might already know that i got a love affair since last year. It’s not just a love affair its a love story between me and my love Mr. Green 🙂

I posted it actually in Flickr long time ago… i spend a small and lovely vacation with him…ahhhh i cant resist it, if he send me invitation to dance, to hang out and of course to cuddle with him.

It begans (copying my old text on Flickr, LOL)….

July 17, 2007 (2.45PM SLT / 23.45 German Time)
Actually i wanna go to bed cuz its late already, but then i tp to a landmark that my friend Black drop me. So i visit and look around the place. It’s called Greenies Home.

Exploring and looking…then suddenly i saw Greenies lying on floor and hear on a song from his iPod, i say hello he dont answer….cant resist so i lay down beside him and cuddle him tight.  I think its Luv at 1st Sight ROFL

He is sooooooo cute, soooooo lovely and sooooo green. Hold U tight Greenies muahhhh….LUV U!!! ROFL

This is the beginning of my wonderful lovelife in SL 

We meet us once in a while, if our schedule let us, he is also a busy one like me, maybe that is one of the reason why we fit together 😉

Taken today June 21, 2008 a small camping trip to relax before appointment goes on again. Ohhh this spot was taken in SL5B sims.

Isnt he sweet? He said good morning hun…im gonna cook us breakfast, hope you sleep well.

Now you know im not single anymore and im taken……….love story continues!


2 thoughts on “KP’s Love Affair

  1. LOL I love your stories hun.Your so funny.I guess I can’t hit on you no more huh?? LOL just kidding MUAH

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