My Family (part 1)

Yes i have a family in SL, not just a family its a nice, lovely and best family for me. We dont hang out lots but we are always for each other, we cheer up and help us together.

My Lovely Mom Frisky
I meet her last 2006 in a german club during an event, she was crazy, funny, silly, naughty and she rock the event hehehehehe (she was one of the loudest and got lots of naughty words ROFL), then we IM us and i didnt know it was the start of my awesome and wonderful life being as daughter. 2 weeks or more later i meet her again in THE EDGE (where i hang out alot) on a School Girl event. I talk with her again and we talk lots, it was a funny time cuz during event she adopt me ROFL, ok it was first as joke or just for fun but it last longer.

My mom is crazier, funnier and sillier than me, but she is lovely and sexy too like me hehehehee..hugs mom LOL. She left SL a while go i think almost 1 year which i missed her alot. April 2008 i cant believe it that my mom was ON, i IM her quick and jump for joy and of course ask whats happen and say im happy to have her again. Before she disappear for a long time in SL i ask her who is my dad….she didnt give me the right answer cuz she cant remember who ROFL. Im still hoping to find him sumday 🙂 .

My mom dont have any House rules, no phohibited stuff. She just say play nice, play safe and dont use my toys in my bedroom w/o knowing me and if you use it bring it back where it was LOL.

Theres a lot to say about my mom but i think its better to meet her and know how lovely she is. This is my MOM, Papa Bear and Me. I think i got lots from Mom 🙂

Karlo Antonelli – My Bro
I meet him on THE EDGE too, year 2006. We dance together and talk via IM and he adopt me to be his younger sis, which i didnt regret. He is The Edge Head DJ Manager and he is a lovely DJ with a  nice voice and a cute laugh (ok ha laugh alot on mic). My bro was always there for me and he didnt forgot to send me any occasional stuff. He spoiled me with gift sumtimes (its a hint bro lol).

He is a happy family father now. He marry his love Kairo last year and got lots of kids ROFL. He is busy too like me but we still got time to send IM and say hello. i missed him so much cuz we dont see us often (due to sched and time difference) but its nice to know that he care for me as i do for him.

If you are looking for a lovely and super duper friendly with nice voice DJ, he is the right one!

These 2 person was the first Family i ever have and i dont regret it to have them both. LUV U MOM AND BRO!!!!!

More Family Pics coming soon……..


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