SLNFI – Pre Finalist Party

May 20, 2008 was a funny and craziest party i ever have. It was organize by Aleida and Me to have a chance to meet and to spend time together with the SL Next Fashion Icon Pre Finalist Candidates.

We celebrate on Aleida’s spot and i take over the DJ Stream. While we are decorating the area (few hours b4 the party) we got an idea for a contest and some prizes. We send a notice to make them curious but we didnt tell what kind of contest and what prizes are.

Around 2:00 PM people start to come and enjoy the music and chat with others. At 2.38 PM (heehehe) i announce the contest. They have 15 mins time to tweak their avi from beauty, sexy and hottest avi to the UGLIEST AVI Contest 🙂

We laugh so hard, some fall from chair, some need a break cuz belly hurt and so on. People got the fun and enjoy the music. Around 3.00 PM SLT we ask them to line up on a bridge so Aleida and Me can discuss who are the Best Ugliest Avi 🙂

Here’s the result and some pics 🙂

1st Prize: Zoe Demar as Ugly Grandpa won 250L Blaze Columbia Storecard

2nd Prize: Frisky Underall as my Ugly SL Mom (ROFL) won Photoshooting with Aleida

3rd Prize: Wezdaydoll Yellowjacket as my Ugly Sissy won also a Photoshooting with Aleida

I’m still waiting for more pics from Aleida 🙂

Zoe Demar

Frisky Underall

Wezdaydoll Yellowjacket

Mango Splash

Lyra Nitely

Salvo Waydelich & Mimmi Boa

Ugly Couple (Frisky and Hondo)

Group Pic

from left to right
1st row: Salvo, Mimmi, Hondo, Zoe, Lyra, Frisky, Aleida
2nd row: Wezdaydoll, Charly, Tuctin, Mango, Kryptonia

Those who stay till the DJ give up and go sleep, hey it was already 2AM my time lol. We dance and laugh. And they are happy to be back to normal again 🙂

Thanks to all who attend the party and got fun with the Surprise contest. I hope you enjoy the fun!

Thanks to Aleida for the idea with this party and for letting us messing up her spot ehehehe and for the nice pics. 

Thanks to Mango who help us decorate the beach party.

You are all free to write a comment. Hope to see u again in a crazy party sumday!!!


3 thoughts on “SLNFI – Pre Finalist Party

  1. I was almost collapsed for too much laugh!!!!!!
    Damn………was difficolut …….to be ugly as hell……
    but in the pics you can see the results!!
    love you all

  2. Hello,
    Looks like all of you had fun……..sorry that I could not be there to join in, but RL work gets in the way of being able to participate in some SL activities. Love to all of the rest of you and looking forward to getting to meet and work with you in the near future…………….

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