Rezzable Freebie

First Rezzable Owner Rightasrain tp me and ask if i got a second to test sumthin. I try it and flood the rezzable sim LOL. On same day Vint send me IM and the updated version of this cool Stuff with Freebie inside.

An angel outfit with beautifully sculpted wings, a fun halo and a kick-ass lightning bolt thrower. It’s within garden of NPIRL triptych, which you need to rezz and then click the heaven part to get the boxed outfit. Be carefull with touching hell! 😉 (In case you would want to go experimental. :d) More info on the web where to get it.

You can also have a copy from me by dropping me a Notecard with your name (my IM capped, notecard is better) 🙂 and named your notecard like this NPIRL Garden or anything u want just put NPIRL so i know what it is….


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