Gossipgirl Shooting

Today i was one of the Machinima Actress/Actor who is on Gossip Girl shooting. It was lag but was fun too. We got different LM to go and diff. outfit, but also we got a LAG

First Scene was on a beach, we lay on sands, some standing, some sitting on the bar, some playing  beach ball.

Second Scene was on a beach party dress and we dance till i crash heeheheeh.

Third Scene was on Gossip Girl Park. We got a Uniform with diff. style and skirt option and you can choose which one u wanna wear. Mostly of Students are laying on grass and read books. I got a chance to walk from Fountain (on Gossip Girl Sign) tru the park and stop at the other side of the bridge and thats 5x till they got it ROFL…my feetttttt 🙂

Fourth Scene was on School Exterior. We walk from one school across the street and go in on other school or building and walk back again…non stop i was dizzy already. and cuz of lag and cuz we walk all same time on different sides we bump once in a while. I was hit by the Truck and Taxi passing by and i walk also on someone’s head (sitting on the steps on front of building).

Last scene for today was on Library, some gonna walk, some sit and talk with other, some looking on shelf and its only GIRLS scene and also the one i got a chance to took a pic. Cuz of lag whole time and all arent rezzing on me properly i didnt take pics. Im that girl with white shirts and black hairs ( err i think it was chocolate)

Well more shooting coming soon…thats what they say uhhh ohh i hope next time its bit better and earlier cuz it was from 1-4 PM SLT which is 10PM to 1 AM my time…but as ive said i got fun with it 🙂


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