Tell me….arent we cute?

My Best Friend Mango Splash drop me today a gift (an ANIME AVI sorta lol)..its cute and funny and luv it…..yes we are silly and crazy and we love to use different avi’s, take pic and have lots of fun with it!!!

First we do a jogging for our sexy body 🙂 ….. (tnx yip for this cool item)

..then we dance…hey macarenaaaaaa ahayyyy! (another yip cool stuff)

…we ride Seahorse (gift from Anita, ehehe cuz she wanna see us more sillier and funnier ROFL)

…playing lego (oh damn Mango, time to clean up here in Afton)

arguing who clean up the mess ROFL…..

Ok i won…he clean up the mess….but damn he put me on lego box too ROFL


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