Me an Asian gurl!!!

Yes..i am an Asian Gurl in RL..thats why i love to explore all those Asian Sim. I luv their stuff mostly cuz of those lovely and funny items 🙂



as Ninja 🙂

and of course as Karaoke Singer 🙂


4 thoughts on “Me an Asian gurl!!!

  1. Héhé. Fun-looking indeed. I never got the whole Karaoke thing. I fondly dislike it IRL. Maybe I should try it in SL? Maybe I can sing in SL?!! *goes to try* 😉

  2. Hehehe…vint honestly i dont go to karaoke thing too (RL and SL).. but for some craziness on pic i do it ROFL! Ohhhh vint it was taken in Animation Shop and not on Karaoke Club heheheehe 🙂

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