Gossipgirl Freebies

As i do a tour and check one of my Landmarks on my inventory i tp to Gossipgirl Sim and i suddenly saw a GossipGirl Fair with lots of Freebies on each of every booth.

As you tp there check all Booths u see cuz they got Freebies……oh HURRY its only till tomorrow March 2, 2008. Im not sure if Freebies are still there after that Fair.

Opppsss before i forgot here is the SLURL


*GossipGirl March 2, 2008 Events*

8:00 am
Morning Coffee and Conversation. The Upper East Side coffee shop is THE place to be for your morning scoop. It’s been a long week come wid down and relax with a steaming mug of hot chocolate or rev it up with a mocha!

10:00 am
Sunday Brunch. See and be seen the Upper East Side way, by joining us for Sunday Brunch. Dress: Formal Location: Ballroom.

Slug Races – Race of all Races!!! Get your Racing name all over the Upper East Side. Winner to be photographed and put all over he UES!! Be the #1 Slug Racer in the UES!!Prizes to be awarded!

Hide N Seek – Amongst the Rides… Oh Where Oh Where Could Blair be. You know who knows…xoxo Gossip Girl!

Scavenger Hunt – Balloon Scavenger Hunt! Zither Fall has a Game for you. Meet her in the race area and get your directions! Prizes!!

Pre-Party-  Dj Moogani Gossipgirl – Taking Live Request for you!! Getting everyone excited for JAX! Tonight the Girls are coming out, Serena, Blair and Jenny get out on the floor. Let’s get ready for Jax to perform!!

Jax Streeter Live – SL Live Music! You don’t want to miss it. Jax Streeter is back in the UES, singing love songs for you Gossip Girls. We had a packed Sim last time. Let’s Put some new faces in the crowd tonight!  

Have Fun!!!


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