Winter Holiday

Ohhh yess, i think i need it after those stress day 🙂 . This is one of my Hobby too in SL, im too sportive yah know *grins* i try all sport that i saw in SL…i must i must i must cant resist LOL

Anyway today i do a Snowboarding (actually my 3rd). It was cool to relax and to feel the winter although in Germany its already Spring and i didnt see lots of Snow which is really sad 😦

Brrrrr… just woke up, am i ready for this? 🙂snowboarding1.jpg

Hmmmm i think yessssssssss, lets do some tricksnowboarding2.jpg

Mmmmmmmmm Hot Chocosnowboarding3.jpg


Yessss more tricksssnowboarding4.jpg

Oh my now im tired…….snowboarding6.jpg


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