SCALA Models Academy – Info day is starting this weekend.

If you are interested on joining us on this weekend, please, send a notecard or IM to Krytonia Paperdoll, she will drop you an information notecard in world with all info how you can be present during SCALA’s Academy Info Days. New Group of Trainee’s classes will start in May 2014








SCALA™ Models Academy – Graduation Show

SCALA™ Models Academy invites you on our first graduation Show. Sponsored by [ZE] zanze by Zzoie Zee

April 12, 2014 @ 1 PM SLT
SLURL: SCALA™ Graduation Show

Graduation Show April 2014

There will be an after show Party @ Zenzibar which start around 2PM SLT.

If you wish to watch the show live on your SL screen, please, wear/add AviewTV Hud included in the invitation sent inworld or kindly access to the following urls:

SCALA™ Models Academy – Presentation Day


SCALA™ Models Academy is holding a presentation day for those who are interested about the academy and for those who already inquired and attented the previous session but have some questions.

This event is by invitation only!!!

If you are interested on joining us tomorrow january 8, 2014 at 1:00 pm slt and again on 5:oo pm slt, kindly send Kryptonia Paperdoll an IM or NC inworld or via email for the invite.

SCALA – SL™ – The Ultimate SL Model Agency and Academy

Written by Prisilla S. Avro
January 6, 2014

Second Life® – Seashell Dench and Kryptonia Paperdoll are announcing the creation of SCALA™ Models and SCALA™ Models Academy.

Dench and Paperdoll describe SCALA as a new beginning, bringing the best of two worlds together…a merging of their past experience with the creation of a new vision of Second Life’s modeling’s future.  They both have been active in the SL fashion community for well over seven years.  They have trained SL models for a large portion of that time, Paperdoll being one of the most tenured runway instructors on the grid.

“SCALA means the filling of a void for all SL models,” remarked Dench, “by providing a quality agency and academy headed by an experienced and reputable staff.  A staff that is trustworthy and reliable, a staff that will properly represent and monetarily compensate the models who become a part of the SCALA family.”

SCALA management is composed of residents that are no strangers to the SL fashion scene, who bring their experience and know how to this new venture that is the future of SL modeling.  SCALA plans on advancing SL modeling by providing the support and training to models to successfully market themselves as a brand.

SCALA strives to be fashion forward and on the cutting edge to always stay ahead of,  not only fashion trends,  but also  the inworld modeling scene – that is changing at a very fast pace.

SCALA Models Academy will be hosting a Presentation Day on Wednesday, January 8 at 1pm slt and again at 5pm slt to answer questions of those interested in furthering their modeling skills via training.

SCALA Models is presently inviting models to join the agency and will soon be holding a public casting.  Any interested residents should join the SCALA-SL group (listed below) to keep abreast of the latest information for both divisions of SCALA. The location of Presentation Day will be disclosed via the SCALA-SL group.

SCALA-SL Inworld Group


SCALA Management Staff:
Seashell Dench

Kryptonia Paperdoll

SCALA Academy Staff:

Kryptonia Paperdoll, Director

Seashell Dench, Instructor

Zaara123, Instructor


SCALA-SL – 2014 ©
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